Meteorite/Meteorwrong Identification Self-Test

So, you think you've found a meteorite? We also hope so! This MID (Meteorite/Meteorwrong IDentification) test will help even non-specialists to assess whether it could really be a meteorite.

The Meteorite/Meteorwrong identification MID code has been developed at the Meteorite Museum, The initial idea of the test is based on the Guedes et al. (2010) Meteorite Check-List algorithm with the original additions and significant improvements. In result the precission of the MID test statisticly is about one order better than that of the Meteorite Check-List algorithm.

It is known that the test results do not always give a 100% correct answer, which sometimes can be obtained under laboratory conditions only, however in majority of cases it is able to distinguish meteorites from meteorwrongs (non-meteorites, i.e. natural Earth originated rocks or technological artificial objects). However note that the positive MID test results by themself do not guarantee that your rock is indeed a meteorite, in which case we recommend further laboratory tests in or elsewhere.

You will need the following accessories to perform this test *:

maget - preferably a simple ceramic fridge magnet or small neodymium magnet;

looking glass - to get a better view of the object's structure;

ruler, caliper or tape measure - to determine the average size of the rock;

scales - to measure the weight of the sample;

scales, cord (thread), appropriately sized container with water for immersion of the object - to measure the density of the sample;

ceramic tile - for assessing the hardness of the object (Streak test);

sandpaper or iron file - to clean a small area of rock surface (Window test)

* Notation: - required; - strongly recommended / optional.

Start the Meteorite/MeteorWrong Identification Self-Test?

MID Ver.1.3.4
Note, this is not a speed test, take your time! Depending on the situation, you will have to answer 24-36 questions related to your rock properties and its origin conditions. That will take approximately 15 minutes.

You may stop the test before end at any time you want, your input will not be saved and analysed! For the purpose of improving the test, all final test results are stored anonymously.

You may skip most of questions but it is not recommended since in specific cases it could critically reduce the chance of positive outcome. Thus wherever possible, avoid giving vague answers such as 'I do not know'.

One can and in fact is encouraged to use this test as many times as wished, however don't fool yourself by entering "better" answers that don't match reality. The more carefully you answer the questions and provide more information, the more accurate the result we can expect!

Good luck!

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